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Arjun Sara, "YANTRA 01", 2021

Arjun Sara, "YANTRA 01", 2021


Arjun Sara

YANTRA 01, 2021

Serigraphy on Munken Polar (300 GSM)

59.4 x 42 cm

Edition of 20 + 2 AP + 2 GP

  • Artwork description

    Inspired by cosmology and the world beyond our control, YANTRA 01 studies the form and function of the Jantar Mantar, as a tool for study and how it has inspired architects such as Le Corbusier. Produced in a cyclical motion, evolved from analogue photographs and physical collages made from photography file cards, the print designed digitally goes back to being a physical print produced manually. The work is not only about the final image, but also the slow iterations that may be missed, much like the small changes caused by the slow passing of time and the evolution of life.

  • About the artist

    Arjun Sara, an architect experimenting with both art and architecture using various means. He completed his B.Arch from Vastu Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2015, followed by a PG course from DIA Dessau, Germany in 2016. From 2016 to 2018, he worked on various residential and institutional projects with vir.mueller architects, Delhi. Since the beginning of 2019, Arjun started his own journey of interweaving art and architecture.

    Arjun has been recording spaces, buildings, objects and people extensively during the course of his education and travel. His artworks reveal unnoticed specifics, creating a dialogue between what is present (reality) and the cosmos (something supreme way beyond our reach).

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