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A packet of works by Poonam Jain


This packet contains folders with printable artwork and a README.txt file with information about how to use the contents.


1. Homework
2. Translate


Upon purchasing this work, you will receive a download link for a .zip file in your listed email address. Download and print out the contents and follow the instructions to engage with the artworks. 


Share your photos and videos with us by using the hashtag #theprintout 

  • Terms of Use

    The contents of this package are intended for the personal use of the individual buyer. Any use, review, retransmission, distribution, reproduction of the contents of this package outside of the agreed terms of use are strictly prohibited.

    All copyrights remain with the artist.

  • Artist Bio

    Poonam Jain (b. 1989) works with drawing, installation, text, gestural works to foreground the intersection of seemingly divergent fields of pedagogy, economy and architecture. She investigates these spaces that one occupies and dwells in at different stages in their lives, looking primarily at language and numbers as some of the common denominators between these spaces. Alphabetical and numerical systems are amongst the first lessons one learns in school - two systems through which our worlds are qualified or ordered for the rest of time. The process of questioning and un/re-learning the ‘taught’ becomes the essence of her practice. She often shifts personal experiences to social concerns and vice-a-versa.

    Jain is preoccupied with the ritualistic acts of measuring and counting as not just indicators of power, but also of home. She examines forms of counting in religion, politics, economics, and domestic settings, blurring the lines between these notional spaces to understand the micro-narrative formed by the language of numbers.

    She was a resident at Art Dubai (2018). She was a member of the Clark House Initiative, Bombay from 2011 to 2016. Some of her group exhibitions were in Sapar Contemporary, New York (2017); New Gallery, Paris (2016); Kadist Art Foundation, Paris (2013); INSERT 2014, New Delhi; Gdanska Galeria Miejska 2, Poland (2014); MKG127, Canada (2014). She has had solo exhibitions in Art Dubai by 1x1 art gallery (2018); Clark House Initiative, Bombay (2014); 1X1 Art Gallery, Dubai (2014). She lives and works in Bombay.

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