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Dhvani Behl, "The inner sanctum of the self", 2021

Dhvani Behl, "The inner sanctum of the self", 2021


Dhvani Behl

The inner sanctum of the self, 2021

Serigraphy on Hansol Bochum Blue (250 GSM)

59.4 x 42 cm

Edition of 20 + 2 AP + 2 GP

  • Artwork description

    Drawing on her personal experience of being homebound during the pandemic, the work summarises this period for her as being more connected with the self. The use of religious imagery and the mirroring of the self connote a sense of enlightenment and growth as a result of being stationary. 

  • About the artist

    Dhvani Behl is a printmaker working mainly with textiles. She set up her studio, Flora For Fauna in 2014 in Delhi which works with various forms of print on textile. FFF gives Behl the freedom to experiment in various mediums such as machine knitting, stone inlay, woodcut, hand embroidery and digital printing.  Coming from a background in the Fine arts but with a passion for going beyond the seemingly elite and sacrosanct identity that comes with it, the aim of FFF is to create products that have the beauty and complexity of an artwork but can be approached as something to be physically interacted with and usable. Everything that comes out of the FFF studio is made by the artist, with a desire to bring the realm of Art, Craftsmanship and Function together. 


    As an artist, Behl puts a lot of importance on 'making' as part of her work, from carving wood blocks to printing screens, everything made in the studio is crafted in part or fully by Behl herself. Her inspirations are in nature and her drawings have usually been explorations of creating growth from the imagination.


    Over the years, Behl's practice has diverged to include textile artworks and interior fabrics. She primarily experiments with a combination of traditional printmaking techniques, textiles and hand embroidery. Delicately layering her fabrics to create intricate universes.  Behl's work is found in numerous, renowned private collections. Recent clients include Goldman Sachs and RAAS hotels.

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