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Kimya Gandhi, "¡Trippy!ट्रिपी¡" (2020)

Kimya Gandhi, "¡Trippy!ट्रिपी¡" (2020)

SKU: PS-KG-090

Kimya Gandhi

¡Trippy!ट्रिपी¡ , 2020

Screenprint on Cordenons Black Gold (340 GSM) paper

42 x 29.7 cm | 16.5 x 11.7 in

Edition of 30

  • About the Artwork

    For the Pulp Edition, Kimya wanted to create a work that was not confined by a singular viewpoint. She wanted to make it personal for every onlooker and hence made a picture using only letters, that from a distance are not recognisable as letters but as an abstract pattern. As the pattern is observed furthermore, the intrigue in the observer takes them on their individual ‘trip’, not bound by a given perspective but their individual perception.

  • About the Artist

    Kimya Gandhi is a type designer from Mumbai with a passionate interest in Indic letterforms. She specialises in creating new and innovative Devanagari typefaces. Kimya is a partner at the type foundry, Mota Italic, with her husband Rob Keller where they design custom and retail typefaces. Mota Italic has catered to a range of clients like Škoda, Audi, Apple, Google, to name a few. Kimya believes there is great potential to reinvent the type design learning environment in India and encourage Indian script typography. When not designing typefaces she spends her time teaching, or conducting workshops on typography and type design at various design institutes. 

  • More Information

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