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Tanya Singh, "The Floor is Lava", 2021

Tanya Singh, "The Floor is Lava", 2021


Tanya Singh

The Floor is Lava, 2021

Serigraphy on Insper-M Extra White (270 GSM)

59.4 x 42 cm

Edition of 20 + 2 AP + 2 GP

  • Artwork description

    The Floor is Lava is a reflection of the artist’s pandemic mindscape, a period of introspection of the self, where one was forced to look inwards. The work derives its symbology from her growing interest in the occult - The astrological importance of the moon, the foretelling nature of lines on one’s palms and the eerily influential presence of crystals and semi-precious stones. Intrigued by how these practices are prevalent in the real world but have ambiguous roots, the print draws on their seemingly absurd, whimsical and other-worldly nature to discuss the equally absurd warping of one’s sense of time during this period.

  • About the artist

    Tanya Singh, who prefers to be known by her digital alias, “The Doodle Mafia”, is a visual artist and illustrator. Her artistic practice is firmly rooted in drawing with a proclivity towards materialism, thereby, serving as compelling take off points for a deeper contemplation with objects and our relationship with culture through them. Her work seeks to explore the translation of narratives through the coming together of vernacular and pop aesthetics which often entail an amplified use of colour and object. This combination of everyday iconography and popular aesthetics lends itself to a visual language which is intuitively unique to her and has been honed by a conscious engagement with her various influences.


    She pursued visual communication and strategic branding at Srishti School of art, design and technology, Bangalore followed by an MA in Illustration and Visual Media at LCC. Tanya also did a semester of graphic design as an exchange student during her under-graduation at KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands - Her first time in Europe, it wasinstrumental in shaping her outlook.


    Tanya worked as an Art Director for Almost Gods and is currently working as a graphic designer at in New Delhi.

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