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A packet of works by Gagan Singh


This packet contains folders with printable artwork with information about how to use the contents.


  • Drawing Packet_Gagan Singh.pdf


Upon purchasing this work, you will receive a download link for a .zip file in your listed email address. Download and print out the contents and follow the instructions to engage with the artworks. 

Share your photos and videos with us by using the hashtag #theprintout 


  • Terms of Use

    The contents of this package are intended for the personal use of the individual buyer. Any use, review, retransmission, distribution, reproduction of the contents of this package outside of the agreed terms of use are strictly prohibited.

    All copyrights remain with the artist.

  • Artist Bio

    Gagan Singh (b.1975) is a Delhi based artist working in the medium of drawing. Through research in neuroscience, psychology, humour, eroticism and cognition, he explores certain key aspects of seeing, material and state of mind. Everyday activities play a significant role in his way of thinking & drawing.


    His practice has been with site-specific works, interventions, making short duration films and artist books, along with sketchbooks and exploring how we think through them. He also looks at drawing as a form of conversation and provocation through works like the How to Do series.


    Singh earned a Masters in Fine Arts from Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury in 2005. His works have recently been exhibited by Foreign Objekt (2021) and Chatterjee and Lal, Mumbai (2020 and 2021). He has also conducted talks and workshops in Gallery Ark, Baroda (2021), School of Environment and Architecture, Mumbai (2021), Nottingham Arts Mela (2020) and many more. He was also a resident at Rote Fabrik, Zurich in 2019.


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