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The Print Out

Single Package: INR 1,200/-

Whole Package: INR 5,000/-

Amol Patil, Gagan Singh, Poonam Jain, Rujuta Rao, Thukral & Tagra

A series of printable art packages to experience at home. Delivered fresh to your inbox.

Curated by Sitara Chowfla.


Rujuta Rao - Dress Up Paper Doll (page 1/2) 

The Print Out is a series of commissioned artworks, to print out and experience at home. It contains 5 ‘packets’ of work each prepared by the artists, which can be downloaded, printed and physically engaged with.

Each packet contains several pages of work along with a set of instructions, which invite you to touch, tear, draw, crush, fold, share, save or perform your Print Outs.