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The Print Out

Single Package: INR 1,200/-

Whole Package: INR 5,000/-

Amol Patil, Gagan Singh, Poonam Jain, Rujuta Rao, Thukral & Tagra

A series of printable art packages to experience at home. Delivered fresh to your inbox.

Curated by Sitara Chowfla.


Rujuta Rao - Dress Up Paper Doll (page 1/2) 

The Print Out is a series of commissioned artworks, to print out and experience at home. It contains 5 ‘packets’ of work each prepared by the artists, which can be downloaded, printed and physically engaged with.

Each packet contains several pages of work along with a set of instructions, which invite you to touch, tear, draw, crush, fold, share, save or perform your Print Outs.

I’m not a body.jpg

The project is aimed at bringing a sense of intimacy and connection between artists and viewers, by reanimating the possibility of a physical art experience during these ongoing periods of social distancing. Conceived as a unique ‘packet’ of art condensed into simple A4 papers, each artwork aims to cross over the digital threshold and become a tactile, interactive, collectable work of art. 

The Print Out seeks to go beyond the digital interface of the screen and utilise the simple home/office printer as a device to activate your home as a space for exhibition or performance. Each artist was invited to create a unique packet of print-friendly work, with the limitation that the work must be confined to an A4 paper. The invitation was to make work that can be engaged or acted upon in some way. The artists have therefore created very different experiences for viewers, ranging from tender and caring to playful, experimental and introspective.


The Print Out is inspired by the histories of distributed and network-based art, that found new meaning and value during the long days of staying home. The 1960s saw the birth of Fluxus’ Mail Art Movement in which small artworks were distributed via the postal network. This was followed by the boom of Internet Art in the 1980s and 1990s, which introduced many formats of networked art from web-based projects to downloadable artworks and desktop exhibitions. From those early experiments, we have begun to accept web browsers, digital screens, and Instagram and Facebook pages as perfectly reasonable spaces within which to curate exhibitions. With the closure of physical exhibitions during the prolonged periods of lockdown, there had been an incredible surge in online art, with hundreds of art spaces and institutions across the world turning to Instagram and the internet as alternate viewing spaces.


These histories are important for the debates they have fostered around artistic authorship, collaboration, de-centralised networks and spaces of viewing art, and about the relationship between authenticity and value. The artists of The Print Out have each been considering and engaging with these ideas in their work in different ways, and have been asked to reflect on these considerations in the conceptualisations of their work. There is no given thematic or subject area that the project is framed around; rather, the specific format and means of distribution hopes to spark a continued dialogue about curatorial and artistic possibilities in a network era.


At the centre of the project is the printer, yet another networked device that is slowly falling into quiet obsolescence. Here, the printer is a performative object, that brings you as an audience into a direct conversation with the artist. A seemingly outdated technology, the printer becomes a simple device to circumvent the flatness and passive experience of on-screen viewing and foster a sense of intimacy between artist and audience. The technology used in the everyday home printer, and the distributed format of The Print Out, are part of Pulp Society’s ongoing interest in experimental practices with print, paper and publishing.

Amol K. Patil - Packet Preview

How to Buy

The Print Out (Individual) - INR 1,700/-

The Print Out (Package of 5) - INR 7,650/-

More Info

What's in your Packet? Interviews with the artists

Rujuta Rao

Amol Patil

Thukral & Tagra

Poonam Jain

Gagan Singh 

Press Release

More Information

Available Works >>

The Print Out - Available Works
Covid Fundraiser

The Print Out Covid Fundraiser

From 22 May – 22 June

Make a donation and get a Print Out packet of your choice.

Pulp Society and all participating artists for The Print Out will be donating their commissions for this month to raise funds for those in need in these difficult times.

How it works –

  1. Make a donation to a charity of your choice for the following value: 
    INR 1,700/- for one Print Out packet.
    INR 7,650/- for all five Print Out packets.

  2. Send us a screenshot of your donation receipt via email or DM on social media and let us know which artist's packet you would like.    

  3. Receive your Print Out packet in your inbox!

Please Note:

– Receipts must be dated 22 May or later.

– You can receive as many works from the series as long as the donation covers their pricing. For example, if you make a donation of INR 3400/- you can receive 2 artwork packets of your choice.

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