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A digital zine game played by 78 artists during

the covid-19 lockdown 

On View

A virtual Zine exhibition

Covid Fundraiser

You can also support our covid-19 relief
fundraiser buy purchasing a zine online
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A reformatted or preview version of our original exhibition This is (not) tomorrow, which has been postponed till a later date when it is safe to open Pulp Society’s gallery.


To try and combat feelings of anxiety, isolation and creative doldrums, we

re-envisioned the format of our original zine exhibition plan in line with the current times.

Over the past few weeks, 78 artists, illustrators, writers and first-time makers collaborated in a unique digital program to make 16 zines. As an attempt to combat the loneliness and creative isolation resulting from the lockdown, Pulp Society x TIRAF created two digital games - Exquizine and Blind Date —  in hope of energizing the creative community through the power of collective action.

The participating artists along with Pulp Society x TIRAF are donating the outcome of this collaboration to the COVID-19 relief work and would like YOU to join in this collective effort to help those who are most in need.

Through the sale of a limited edition of 20 Exquizine and Blind Date zines, we can together aim to raise INR 2,00,000 — that’s the amazing power of collective action!


Choose your favourite zine(s) for purchase.
Go on to and pick an organisation or charity of your choice.
Make a minimum donation of INR 500/- to purchase one Exquizine zine.
Make a minimum donation of INR 1,000/- to purchase one Blind Date zine.
Take a screenshot of your receipt and email it to

Your zine will be on its way to you soon! Pulp Society x TIRAF will be producing and distributing

the zines to all donors once lockdown is lifted.

  • Donations must be made after April 30th. Back-dated donations cannot be used.

  • To ensure that you get the zine of your choosing, please email us at to book your selection prior to making your donation.

  • You can purchase as many zines as you like through a single donation receipt. For instance, a donation of INR 2,000 equals 4 Exquizines, and so on.

  • All artworks have been donated by the participating artists, and cost of production and domestic mailing will be covered by Pulp Society x TIRAF. International mailing is extra. No commission will be earned by the organising institution.

this is (now) online—

covid fundraiser
1 April—31 May 2020


a digital zine game played by

78 artists during the covid-19 lockdown.

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