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Pulp Society is a contemporary art gallery and workshop space with a focus on printmaking and experimental work on paper. Through a multifaceted program of artist residencies, exhibitions, masterclasses and public events, Pulp Society invites artists, graphic designers, curators and researchers to explore the endless possibilities of print and paper.

Pulp Society has grown out of the legacy of Sona Papers, which has a rich history of selling fine papers in Indian subcontinent and Middle East countries. Established in 1966, Sona has been a name  of high repute for introducing new and innovative ranges in speciality papers to its customers. Today, it takes pride in associating with the world’s leading paper mills and enjoying the sole distribution and marketing rights of the world’s finest papers in India & overseas market.


Palak Suneja, Director

Vidhi Jethi, Director

Priyanshi Saxena, Curator

Mihika Rangwala, Gallery Associate

Suraj Gotwal, Studio Manager


All measurements in mm

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