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Pulp Edition, 2022

Khwaab Tanha Collective, Mahima Kapoor, Rahee Punyashloka, santanu, UBIK

New Prints

5 Artists, 5 Prints, 20 Editions

Join us for the release on Thursday, 22 December 2022, 6-9 pm
At Pulp Society, B-247, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi 110020

The prints will be on view until 21 January, 2023 and will remain available through our website and shop thereafter.


Pulp Edition 2022 brings together a collection of limited edition serigraphs by 5 practitioners, bound together by the silken screens of serigraphy, executed into prints by Suraj Gotwal at Pulp Studio. Each of the 5 works are available in a limited edition of 20.  

Press Release

Khwaab Tanha Collective
Shiraz Husain, is a multidisciplinary visual artist. He is a practitioner of free-hand drawing, graphic design. Shiraz is a founder artist, and the sole force behind The Khwaab Tanha Collective. The collective works through the format of poster art to popularize literature and poetry from Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and other South Asian languages. He is also a children's book illustrator, and writer; and has taught Applied Arts for many years at Jamia Millia Islamic University's Fine Art Department. Currently, among other things, he is working on the project hawaas e khamsa at the Simurgh Centre, an initiative of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi.

Work: Untitled, 2022

“your needs are so different from me, what is poison for you, is nourishment for me”
- Muktibodh 

Mahima Kapoor
Kapoor is an artist based in New Delhi, India. She is alumni of Massachusetts college of arts and design, Boston, Massachusetts USA and has been a fellow artist at residencies like Salem Art Works in upstate New York, USA, UCROSS Foundation in Wyoming USA, L’Air Arts foundation in Paris, France and Belgrade Art studios, Serbia. Her work is a hybrid of artistic disciplines like painting, contemporary printmaking, installation and sculpture. “ In many ways I consider my process as content, and believe that the experience of making of the work must no longer be separated from the experience of viewing of the work in the space that it is shown in.”

Work: Duality in-between, 2022

This work aspired to shift perception, from appeared to experienced. The abstraction, and free form of the work allow for fluid readings. 

Santanu has had an art practice for almost 30 years now. In between, he has worked in advertising, design, filmmaking and an alarming number of various other things.

He is material and media agnostic,  making it a point to play with 'whatever is available'. Human forms -  often his own and often mangled or mutilated -  keep appearing in his art. He doesn't like describing his art practice as 'work'.

Work: Self #2051, 2022

Rahee Punyashloka
Punyashloka is a writer, artist, scholar, and experimental filmmaker based out of New Delhi and Bhubaneswar, India. He creates anti-caste art and discourse under the moniker “artedkar”. His works have had numerous exhibitions including in ARKIPEL Jakarta, Tribeca Film Festival New York, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ishara Art Foundation Dubai, Khoj New Delhi, The Method Mumbai, MAP Bangalore among others.

Work: The Dalit Panther is an Elusive Beast #5, 2022

Part of a series of artworks that envision the (digital) afterlives of the Dalit Panther. The Dalit Panthers forged radically new ways of thinking about political praxis, international solidarity, and aesthetic categories, and yet, their historical importance is sparsely documented, known only to those close to the anti-caste movement. The elusive nature of the movement is portrayed here, through the blurry, noisy, pixilated, almost abstract configuration of the beast, which renders itself uniquely in each print.


I am a conceptual artist, and a publishing designer based out of New Delhi, India. My practice is rooted primarily in the making of texts, images, videos and sculpture, through works that interrogates objects and their environments / oscillates between various spheres of the art-making process / observing possibilities of constructing a critical yet humorous narrative wherein the aesthetics bear resemblance to affairs rooted in the contemporary. 
I’ve been on a hiatus from my practice for a few years now, extracting myself out of the art market ecosystem, and taking time to really slow down, and work on my mental health, which in turn has allowed me to heal and reconcile my own practice - slowly making my way back to it. 
I live with my two dogs, Aster and Peaches. – UBIK

Work: Practice as  a hyper-fixation, 2022 

The sequence of images used in this work is extracted from a scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, “Here the cyborg protagonist slices open his 'human flesh' to reveal his machine exoskeleton.”

Available Prints

Available Prints

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