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28 January - 28 February, 2020


27 May 2023 -  30 June 2023


27 May 2023


Paper and Play, an exhibition/ hang out zone with  games, zines, toys, and art books; practices that start with paper, and engage with a diverse audience in different ways; curated by Priyanshi S was held at Pulp Society in 2023.


We were grappling with the summer slumber of the art world, and wanted to not just liven it (with the power of air conditioning), but also use this opportunity to invite a brand new audience into the gallery, and the art world, and make it a hospitable 'point of entry'. We therefore thought that we would make the summer shows easy, fun, and consumable.


We had games by Thukral and Tagra [Net Zero: 2030, and Weeping Farm] in 2023, and it was quite a fun show, reminiscent of one of the cyber cafes of the 90s/ early 2000s; in terms of the audiences that gathered. We want to continue to be the summer hangout!

We’re closing with a bang, celebrating some of the summer launches, with an event on Friday, the 30th of June. 

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