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28 January - 28 February, 2020


10 June 2022 -23 July 2022


The games 2030 Net Zero & Weeping Farm were part of the exhibition ‘Does The Blue Sky Lie?’ at Khoj. 

Thukral & Tagra work on new formats of public engagement and attempt to expand the scope of what art can do, further emphasizing what the practice can do in a virtual context through their archives and publications. Their earlier work dealt with tropes of migration, mythological narratives, symbols of Indian identity, climate,  health, and motifs of a  globally manifested consumer culture.

In present times, T&T turn to activism through their art and speculative design practice is a case of artists following the trajectory of their artistic practice to its logical end. Additionally, in the last few years,  T&T’s repertoire of games as both disruptive and playful, as well a tool of art pedagogy and social awareness, has helped enlarge the scope of their art practice and deepen its relevance to the contemporary outside the white cube.

The series of books and game editions are a means to disseminate knowledge, driven by in-depth research. 

T&T’s game editions reflect on the feeling of hopelessness, daily trials and tribulations; and the issues that grapple us on a national level like climate change. The key works include ‘Weeping Farm, 2022’ which explores a group of women belonging to the Indian agrarian community burdened with overdue debts, doing odd jobs; making attempts to survive in a highly-competitive world. The game takes you through the journey of a woman farmer for a year, and how she battles to survive against all the odds. The game '2030 Net Zero, 2022' allows people to monitor and analyse the harmful gases we release into the atmosphere every year. Each player is tasked with bringing the net emissions down to zero.

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