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28 January - 28 February, 2020


29 October 2022 - 10 December 2022


29 October 2022 


Harsimran Juneja is a self-taught artist who reflects upon living life within a society of contrasts, contradictions and conflicts through his practice. With personal experiences at the core of his works, he employs drawing, painting and text in his artistic pursuits to portray social observations and narratives that can be interpreted plurally.


“My works follow a visual language that is influenced by Neo-expressionism and primitivism, aiming to exist in the spaces between figurative and abstraction or narrative and abstraction. The texts in my works are akin to graffiti on the streets, they tag my paintings and also allow me to re-contextualise my visual subjects. Lately, my ideas have taken precedence over my visual outcomes, leading me to an exploration of conceptual art practice that also employs the use of found objects, combines, video and audio. 


A crucial aspect of being able to resolve conflict is the practice of looping - an exercise that enables better listening in a conversation to understand one's reasons better. In a larger context, I wonder if my works can be synonymous to looping, enabling audiences to inch closer towards resolution for their own conflicts.” - HCJ


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